I first came to you in August 2007. I was on my way back to Iraq to drive a truck in U.S. Army logistics supply lines in support of the war on terrorism. At that time, I was continually plagued by an aching back. I was concerned that the increasing work load my work in Iraq would involve would simply increase the stress on my lumbar area and eventually force me to have to quit. I had suffered with lower lumbar problems for years but when I was younger, 48-60…I was able to alleviate the discomfort utilizing an anti-gravity machine. We worked together for about 6 weeks unitl late September when I went back to work. It was truly amazing when after I got back overseas and was working steadily 7 days a week, 12 hours per day, two weeks into the deployment I noticed that I had not been troubled with any back difficulty for some time. I stayed in Iraq until February 2010 and had no back problems through all of the ensuing 28 months. Truly I am grateful for the improvements brought on by the therapy I received in your office.

Paul W., Central, UT

I had a bulging disc resulting in severe pain in my back and leg. I had tried pain pills, physical therapy, shots,and finally decided to live with it. I was in pain, miserable to be around and live with, and my mobility was severly limited. After the DRX9000, I have my life back. I can move and do the things that I want to do. Life without pain improves your whole outlook on life.

Gary J., St. George, UT

I had severe lower back pain for 15 years. This limited my movement and didn’t allow me to pursue certain activities. My lifestyle ahs improved since the DRX9000. I have much less pain and I have freedom of movement and lifestyle.

Lawrence L., St. George, UT

Two doctors told me that I needed back surgery to correct my bulging disc. I decided to go with spinal decompression on the DRX9000 because it just made sense. Now I am walking and working with no pain. The service was excellent at Dr. Howard’s.

David N., Veyo, UT